Vaguess, “Heavy Party Style”

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Vaguess of Dana Point, CA released their I Hate Rock 'N Roll album last month on Refry Records, and with tracks like “I'm Bad” and “I'm Gonna Stab Myself”, a slice of sinister infects the otherwise straightforward lo-fi punk songs. Though that contribution is a hefty and fun listen, the real lightness in the band comes through in their B-side track “Heavy Party Style”, a song that was released on their KONY 2012 Throwaway EP. It's garage-rock at its purest, especially with the bass drum hit in its signature up-and-down way. The highlight, though, is the guitar that seems in search of a melody as it noodles all around, back and forth, and in circles. Try to keep up with the randomness and you'll find great exuberance behind the sound.

You can stream that two-song freebie below, then check out the full length through Refry Records.