Videos by Three French Bands That Aren't Phoenix

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nickel pressing

Why should continental popsters Phoenix get all the attention just because they marry a Coppola, sell Cadillacs, and trot out an R. Kelly hologram at Coachella? Granted, maybe the following Gallic brethren aren't as rich, popular, or good-looking, but it's possible they have a little more of that je ne sais quoi that feels more exotic than familiar.

Zombie Zombie, “Illuminations”
Aforementioned analog synth duo Zombie Zombie, illustrate their pulses and funky snare shuffle with a quick study of the Congolese dandies of Paris' Château Rouge quartier. In the video, three of the neighborhood's sapologists strut and vogue in slow motion, revealing all the details of their meticulous outfits. The band appears in flashes and then a street jam and high five session at the end.

Câlin, “BABE'Z”
Câlin means 'hug' in French, which suits these goofy/creepy techno pranksters to a T. In their clip, girls at a slumber party binge on desserts and booze, bob for apples and play games like spin the bottle. As the retro-futuristic beat intensifies, the action takes a turn for the cartoonishly demented.

Nickel Pressing, “Who Decides?”
Lyon's Nickel Pressing sing in English, but only phrases are understandable above the urgent electro rock track. The band plays a cut-throat version of capture the flag in an abandoned warehouse between shots of them dancing? signing? in more conceptual costuming. It's hard to know if it's a tongue in cheek performance or “art,” maybe something not easily translatable.