Viigo, “Party Lights”

Meredith Schneider

Viigo is relatively new to the music scene. Having been operating as a cross-country duo–one in New York, while the other is in Los Angeles–since April 2015, the sound that Michael McGinnis and MJ Hancock produces together under the aforementioned moniker is hard to pin down. Admittedly, the process is much different than making music in the same room, so they have space and time for their own singular ideas to ruminate.

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Even at the youthful stage they’re in in their music-making career together, they have unveiled several very different singles over the months. Their most recent single–“Paranoia”–dropped last month. The duo has admitted that “Paranoia” is the result of an “exploration of [anxiety’s] debilitating effects”, and we can almost feel that when we listen to this cool blend of pop and R&B. The myriad of genres hit in the song would be considered sporadic had they not been for the talent with which they were blended. If it hadn’t been noted that the topic was such an introspective one–of course–we probably wouldn’t notice the melancholy between the insanely catchy tune before us.

We’ve got the follow-up single to “Paranoia”–a much lighter and more dance-inducing track–in our exclusive premiere of Viigo’s latest single “Party Lights”. This one is a stunner.

Close your eyes and envision yourself in a crowded club, somewhere in a giant city anywhere in the world. You’re shrouded in darkness, lined somehow in the distance with dim lighting. There are hot, sweaty bodies all around you, and you dissolve into a frenzy of movement. Despite the lack of drugs in your system, you forget what time it is. You don’t remember where you are. You’re just enveloped in sound.

That’s what this hypnotic, upbeat, synth-heavy track does. It transports you to any place you want to be, living out of the comforts of your own world. The pounding of the bass and the whirl of the instrumentals is absolutely insane.

“Party Lights” is available now on 10K Islands.

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