Walsh continues his reign over 80s synth jams

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Walsh, Polyphony EP

In a just world Brandon Biondo, pka Walsh, handles the original motion picture soundtrack to every throwback film that chooses to revisit the lustrous 80's synth rock structures. Anytime a network gets a wild hair to restore Miami Vice, he gets a phone call and the voice on the other side of the line says, “we need that shit that sounds like high-speed boat chases and champagne toasts”.

Perhaps in an alternative universe, some parallel reality it goes down like that, but in this life, Walsh drops EPs at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday for the hell of it. We will never be able to trust Hollywood. Someday, some asshole will convince enough assholes with money to remake A Clockwork Orange. It will happen. When that dreadful day comes, I hope that asshole heard Walsh's Polyphony EP and thought, “I see Alex, with blood lust in his eyes every time I listen to 'Ruby Spire'.” The next time a Philip K. Dick novel gets the movie treatment, which I hear will be Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, it deserves Shia LaBeouf high on mescaline to “Title Sequence”. If David Lynch should do us the great favor of fixing Dune, we have someone in mind to handle the sonic textures.

Download Walsh's Polyphony EP from his Bandcamp.