Watch The Evening With Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito at New Museum

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Stretch & Bobbito

From the years of 1990 to 1998 the Stretch Armstong and Bobbito Show on WKCR was how independent rappers in New York City were heard; sometimes by the selective hands of DJ Stretch Armstrong, other times by the muscling demands of the Wu-Tang clan to put a white label demo of “Protect Ya Neck” on the air. Through demos and in-studio freestyles the show introduced the world to the unsigned talents that would go on to become legends. They knew Nas when he was Nasty, Biggie Smalls before he was Notorious, Big Moon Dawg the Punisher before he chose brevity with Big Pun, and the Poetical Profits before they wisely renamed themselves Mobb Deep.

As part of its “NYC 1993” exhibition, The New Museum invited Stretch and Bobbito to reminisce about the halcyon days in the WKCR studio with the help of moderator author/journalist Sacha Jenkins of Ego Trip. Watch the entire presentation below and laugh along as they crack on the photographer who falls alseep twice, prompting Jenkins to remind everyone “sleep is the cousin of death”.

Also check out our photos from the night.