Water Borders to release EP on Tundra Dubs

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San Francisco's Water Borders have been freaking us out and bringing some of the Bay's best bleak pop since their debut release on Tri Angle Records and a Disaro CDR. Catching them around town, they made the kind of post-industrial revolution clamor that left behind the post-punk dark-clad pretensions for the kind of therapeutic vocal brooding that rises from the Water's deep end, full of electronic washes of sound.

On their upcoming Every Dream a Scheme EP for Tundra Dubs, Water Borders continue to tread further into the pools of seesawing keys, ambient samples and beat craft with visions of nights without daybreak. The Schemes are broken into Parts I-III, the first being given to you in a 3:42 edit taster from the EP's lengthy 15:42 “Part 1” original. And like all things that work in movements and progressions, the developments of these sound schemes are rewards unto themselves, like the layers of a caramelized sweet onion revealing dream, after scheme, after dream, and then another brilliant scheme.

The new Water Borders Every Dream a Scheme EP comes out September 11 from Tundra Dubs.