We Roll Like Madmen, “Always Late”

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With a band name like “We Roll Like Madmen,” I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to their music, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Straight out of Atlanta, they’ve just released their latest single off of their upcoming album, AF, called “Always Late.”

“Always Late” starts out with a single, simple rhythm. Another line joins in with the original one, and slowly, layers and layers of sound get incorporated. The momentum continues and layers of sound keep joining in until the very end, and vocals enter at around 4:30. The sporadic rhythms throughout this track create a one of a kind, eccentric sound. This song is so fun, it’s impossible for the listener to be in anything less than a great mood, and the contagious sound will make you want to get up and dance.

“‘Always Late’ bottles that sudden realization that what once was isn’t anymore,” elaborates the band. “Maybe it’s the romance that slowly fell apart before either of you were cognizant. Maybe it’s the moment past passions no longer held your attention. Maybe it’s when you realized that the molly you took is bunk and the love you’re obnoxiously professing for everyone was inside you the whole time.”

AF will be released on October 7th.