Animal Lover, “Waterparks Of America”

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Originally from North Dakota but based in Minneapolis, Animal Lover is influenced by art, science fiction, ideas, jazz, musical freedom, improvisation, and curiosity. Animal Lover has just released their first track off of their upcoming album, Stay Alive, called “Waterparks of America”, and you can listen to it first here!

“Waterparks of America” is hard hitting, with instrumentals that will shake you to your core, and leave a lasting rumble in your soul and keep your ears ringing, even after the song is over. The intense guitar riffs are the center of attention on this track. The momentum of the song builds and increases second after second, and minute after minute, until the vocals finally come in, about 4 minutes into the song. This song is fast-paced, fierce, and certainly unique.

Stay Alive will be out on September 9th via Forward Records. It is available for preorder now.