Weekend Money, “Hol' Up”

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Weekend Money

On the recently released “Hol' Up”, Weekend Money further their electro-trap sound by mixing in the instincts of ghetto house. Ne$$ wastes no words, as the emphasis is heavier on couplets to be ingrained, rather than slipping into anecdotal passages of his living exprience as a pusherman. One can look to tracks like “Nostrand” and “Demons” for the deeper concentration of selling dope, but “Hol' Up” is just as educational, even if it sticks to the footnotes of turf wars waged and police patroling.

“Hol' Up” is off Weekend Money's upcoming Lost In The Naked City record, which is somewhat of an extension from Naked City. Lost is comprised of songs from the Naked City sessions that were cut so as to not overload the debut and new music recorded since the release. Lost In The Naked City is slated to drop in July.