Poverty Hollow, “Rocks”

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Dropping the weight of a crushing boulder, Connecticut's Poverty Hollow, the group formerly known as Suns, gets way heavy with this exclusive listen to “Rocks”. Main man Will Rutledge organizes and divides up the catharsis exercise into sections, and assembled musical paragraphs ripped from charged exchanges like the e-mail draft never sent. At the pace of manic mood swings, guitars move from trailing echos, a beginning felicitous progression is brought to an audio boil built on the tension of letter inquiries of the unsent, heard with; “where you heading to next, I'd like to visit out west”. With an upcoming tour with Ovlov starting June 27, big things are happening with the CT-DIY movements.

On “Rocks”, the post-metal affectations run the emotional racetrack course. After the vocals of the unrequited become exhausted, the expressive guitars hit their greatest and largest presence in volume and numbers at approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds in. After the eclectic and varied display of guitarmanship, the firework finale at the end shreds louder than than a chorus of bottle rockets and M-80s on the fourth of July.

Frontman Will Rutledge wrote us the following piece on the name change and the birth of “Rocks”:

“We changed the name from Suns to Poverty Hollow because I started Suns when I was 15 in 2008 and so many changes have happened to the bands sound and lineup since then. Over the past 2 years, we've solidified our lineup and found our own sound, so we wanted our band name to reflect that to us. The song 'Rocks' was actually the first song we wrote after deciding to change our name. Typically, I will write a song, and then we will almost re-write it at a practice, but sometimes I will write a song, and it just feels right to keep it as straightforward as it is without re-writing or re-arranging much. This EP features both types of those songs, displays how dynamic of a band we are, and shows how varied our sound is.”

Catch Poverty Hollow on the following dates of their upcoming tour with Ovlov.

27 – Brooklyn, NY at Death By Audio with Butter the Children, Flagland
28 – New Brunswick, NJ at Cooler Ranch House w/ Honeydrum, Treatment
29 – Bethlehem, PA at Secret Art Space with Literature, Wildhoney, Television Blood
30 – Philadelphia, PA at Nacho House with The Eeries, Rozwell Kid

01 – New Haven, CT at TBA
02 – Albany, NY at Shred House
03 – Northampton, MA at TBA with Pachangacha, Ghost Blood