White Rainbow's two faces

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Adam Forkner, a.k.a. White Rainbow, one of the great one-man live jams, somewhat recently filled two new EPs with high-grade helium and sent them floating off into the stratosphere.

The Fresh Purp Scrape Juice from Sgt Forkner EP takes on White Rainbow's DJ moniker for some deep beats melded into glitchy club tracks that need some one spitting verses and a chorus, but they riff valleys are populated instead by arpeggiating synths and a few tweaking melodies.

Boring Guitar Music is about to celebrate its one month anniversary. It is, of course, the complete opposite of Fresh Purp, and as its title indicates, begins in esoteric ambience, dips into haunting, ricocheting guitar melodies, and eventually swells into the organic one man guitar orchestra of which White Rainbow has long been the maestro, (and then there's a guitar solo!), before everything folds back into introverted tonal washes.

White Rainbow, “Part 2” (On Boring Guitar Music)

Sgt. Forkner/White Rainbow, “Thugs Dub” ('Poppin version,' from Fresh Purp Scrape Juice from Sgt Forkner)

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