Woodsman, “Parallel Minds”

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Unless it’s a U2 album forced upon your iPhone with no conceivable way of removing it, free music is hardly ever a bad thing. Especially from the likes of Woodsman. The folks at Fire Talk have released a lovely new (old?) b-side from the Denver psych-power outfit recorded during their session at Strange Weather for their S/T LP, which came out last year. It’s streaming here, but it’s also available as a free download at their Bandcamp, a completely satisfying suspense as they enter the studio for their fourth LP. The track, titled “Parallel Minds”, is a beautifully calming, perfectly balanced mixture of the surreal and grounded. Dreamily delayed guitar trickles down in liquid luminescence, coating the mirrored pulsation of kick drum and bass with a warming ease—the beat of heart at peace. Something of a levitation occurs as the effected guitar tones build and intensify atop each other, swimming over from the top of the body to the bottom, but it’s undeterminable whether they are sun-laden basking on land, bluely searching underwater, or hurdling through colorless space.

NYC friends can check Woodsman out this Saturday at Palisades, with Tonstartssbandht, Jovontaes and Herbcraft.