Work Drugs take loving to zero gravity

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Work Drugs

The interstellar smoothness of Work Drugs' “Pluto” (shoutout to the folks who still acknowledge Pluto's planetary status) has all the soft-disco one needs to follow the Philly duo into orbital trysts, but if further convincing is needed, they tagged on a sax solo to make those space-underpants drop. The concept of lovers in outerspace is fairly common, particularly in the retro-futurism of disco, but Work Drugs aren't rehashing old aphorisms. When the chorus hits the falsetto refrain of “zero gravity high”, it makes one curious as to how that might feel. As we continue to catch up to the dates listed as “the future” in sci-fi films from the 80s, it feels as though we're not far from commercial space travel. Soon, the Mile High Club will be an achievement of the past and we'll be thrill-seeking on shuttles for that zero gravity sex in deep space. Perhaps, some of us will join the club to this particular song – the option is available.

Work Drugs' Absolute Bearing is out July 10 on Bobby Cahn Records.