Wyndham, “Shot Up”

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Although his credentials in the music industry reach far and wide and he’s certainly been busy out of his mind as of late, grunge/folk artist Wyndham somehow found the time to record an EP for his fans, which is due out next month. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of his new track “Shot Up”.

Immediately, you’re transformed back in time. 70’s-era psychedelia takes over, and then Wyndham’s soothing, gorgeous vocals hit the speakers and you’re flooded with absolute calm. The song ebbs and flows in pace, at times an incredible head-bobber, at others something to vibe to. Either way, if this is any indicator of what’s to come, count us in for a copy of it all.

Wyndham is playing Berlin tonight. Double You is out December 16th. It is available for preorder now.