Xuice Hades, STEALTH

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Xuice Hades Stealth

Sacramento rapper Illecism is no longer. The soul inhabiting the body of Illecism now goes by Xuice Hades. The identity shift comes with a new vibe entirely, in which Xuice rhymes as though he's under possession. Produced entirely by Rayintosh (a new name that deserves significant attention), STEALTH is a psychedelic excursion with one mission objective: derail all train of thought. The psyche- touchstones uniting Rayintosh's production permeate through tribal, dub-dancehall, minimalism and downtempo archetypes.

With a new name and producer in his inner circle, STEALTH is Xuice Hades most focused and most estranged release to date. It's a hostile and uncompromised record that presents an identity and sound unique to Sacramento and devoid of trend pandering.

Download STEALTH here.