Zen Mantra, “La La La La La” (Pyramid Vritra Remix)

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Zen Mantra

The source for Pyramid Vritra's remix is a revved up neo-psych jam from Zen Mantra. On the original “La La La La La”, Zen Mantra crank up the bumitudes of “hate my job / my husband / and my kids” like accidental meth intake deep into a somber escapist trip. Not a moment passes in the original song that's not counter to zen – it's too damn stressed out – while the mantras, “la la la” and “24 hours, 7 days a week”, are numb to the buzzsaw riffs. Like I said, goddamn stressing.

As a member of Jet Age of Tomorrow, it's predetermined Pyramid Vritra is transforming the neo-psych into futurism, but no matter the setting Neilsen Family in Pleasantville or Nuclear Family on Mars settlement the stress is unwavering. The recent Stones Throw signee, nixes the buzzsaw riffs for synth flourishes and blunt keys, much like those utilized on JAoT's The Jellyfish Mentality. Vitra transforms the remix mutiple times: 8-bits and 808s overture, a footwork backbeat, and a finale of warped-up backspins and codiene vocals. There's a compatability to it all, like the Cloud Atlas theory, just the same existential crisis resonating through history – unless we totally missed the plot.

Zen Mantra's How Many Padmes Hum? is streaming at Crash Symbols' Bandcamp, but the CS is sold out.