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Zoos of Berlin Friday Night Mix

The letter you've just read above is written in sincerity and with love from Detroit's Zoos of Berlin. One's first thoughts might be, “wait, people are moving back to Detroit, how have I not heard of this?. Therein lies the ways of Detroit. Never ones to brag, those calling the Motor City home are more concerned with themselves and the furthering of underground movements that involve bartering with ghosts and digging deeper holes in the city.

Zoos of Berlin's contribution to our Friday Night series is proof puddin' that while on record they are known as cosmopolitan art rockers of the suit n' tie ilk, they're still from the Rust Belt and know how to work The Ambassadores and Nightmares on Wax with Squarepusher and Throbbing Gristle. Zoos' mix doesn't hit cruise control in its waning moments that keep you on the floor, it sucks you into the depths of the city for an outro of industrial droning and a tumble into a hidden opium den.

Zoos of Berlin, “Friday Night in Detroit Mix”

Zoos of Berlin's sophomore album Lucifer In The Rain is out in May on Time No Place.

Zoos Of Berlin's Friday Night Mix Tracklisting:
Amon Tobin – Bridge
The Ambassadors – Ain't Got the Love (of One Girl on My Mind)
Squarepusher – Iambic 5 Poetry
Kevin Ayers – Song for Insane Times
Plaid – Anything
Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Cue
Hauschka – Ping
Nightmares on Wax – Morse
Tangerine Dream – Stealing the Silver Cross
Fennesz/Dafeldecker/Brandlmayr – Tau