2mex disses OFWGKTA with god angle

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2mex is a seminal rap star with a core fanbase that stretches across the United States and possibly beyond. He's masterminded a career similar to Tech 9ne, in which I cannot name a single 2mex song and yet he tours and releases records constantly. To me, 2mex is more of a running joke involving me asking rappers and record store clerks I meet if they have a 2mex story – most do. One of my favorites is from a clerk who said 2mex bought a bargain bin instrumental post-rock CD at his store in the afternoon, then at the show that night he performed over it. 2mex defines budget rap.

He's remained on the radar for over a decade through calculated moves, but dissing OFWGKTA has to be one of the dumbest ideas this balding bearded old fart could conjure. Worse yet, he chose to diss the rude boys by attacking them with fuggin' faith by rapping over the goblin's music. It's cool for 2mex to exist in his small corner of hip hop, but this aches of despair for relevance. Why does this old dude want to beat up minors for not knowing who The Flatlinerz* and Gravediggaz are? Does he realize how obscure those groups are to most 18 year olds? When did Christians start swearing like sailors?

So many questions, but so little mental space should be wasted on this steaming dog shit in the sun. Act like a fuggin' adult, 2mex.

2mex, “God Future” (Odd Future diss)

*The Flatlinerz were Russell Simmons failed attempt at taking “horrorcore rap” mainstream. It was a serious misstep in the early Nineties.