Dam-Funk remixes Ariel Pink

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Dam Funk remix of Ariel Pink

Can you hear it? The distant murmer of a future supergroup comprised of Ariel Pink, Dam Funk and Nite Jewel? Dam Funk and Nite Jewel are supposedly teaming up already to form Nite Funk after a rad hang out arranged by XLR8R. The Dam Funk remix of Mr. Pink's “Fright Night” (Nevermore) could be the piece that completes the LA web of future funk classic collaboration.

We'll be rolling in a bathtub of rabbits feet with our fingers and toes crossed, listening to this remix until that day comes. We're counting you, the reader, to handle shooting stars and mall fountain wishes. Godspeed.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, “Fright Night” (Nevermore) (Dam-Funk Remix)