4-way split between Loud?, Kilgore Trout, Girl Scouts, and Secret Plot set for release

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The Northeastern emo-revival is alive and well. A four-way split of intricate and mature angst-rock from Girl Scouts (PA), Loud? (VA), Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe (PA), and Kilgore Trout (VA) on four different record labels is set to be released this month. Ranging from math-rock-inspired guitar noodling to vintage simplistic Sunny Day Real Estate-style emo to viscous post-rock jams, the split gives us an enjoyable look into the realm of the new and old from the ever-expanding scene of local bands and record labels.

The split is set to be releaed via Kat Kat Records, Quiet Year, Don't Try, and Songs from the Road by the end of the month. Preorders can be placed here. It can be streamed below.