Alex G announces reissues; stream “Change”

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Alex G has announced reissues of his previously Bandcamp-only albums Trick and Rules on 180 gram vinyl through UK-based Lucky Number Music. Both albums will be released worldwide on April 6, and feature entirely remastered versions of the songs found on the albums, as well as bonus material that was previously only findable on the far reaches of Giannascoli Tumblr-fandom.

One of the remastered tracks, “Change” (off of Trick), is streaming on the Alex G Bandcamp and showcases the fairly large difference between the initial and remastered versions of these songs. Known for a distinct bedroom aesthetic, the remasters have hardened some of the previously fuzzy edges around Giannascoli’s songs, making his layered vocals cleaner, airier, and somewhat more polished sounding than in their original incarnations. While it will almost undoubtedly provide for better vinyl, there is something to be missed in the loss of lo-fi warmth. The remaster of “Change” becomes an even more haunting tune, but less rueful—the difference is a matter of semantics perhaps. “Change” is one of the seemingly innumerable Alex G tracks that begs to be empathized with. The line, “Remember when you took too much? I didn’t mind being your crutch,” is the realization of a twistedly inescapable rite of passage for kids who grew up (like Giannascoli) in the suburbs, and cements the effectiveness of Alex G’s simple and pointed songwriting.

You can listen to the remastered version of “Change” below. Trick and Rules will be out April 6th via Lucky Number Music.