Alligator Indian, “Dark Fruit”

Hannah Ronson

Alligator Indian

When you heard that a name of a band is Alligator Indian you might be inclined to be skeptical. The name is just an amalgamation of two words without much inherent meaning, and Indian at least is already a common moniker for people naming musical projects. But we'll let it pass because the people behind the band do seem like pretty thoughtful individuals. Alligator Indian, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is made up of the girl/boy duo of Spooky B and Christian Church. The pair initially formed in Florida before relocating to Brooklyn, and then Asheville, where they have spent the last few years exploring the area and creating songs for their upcoming debut album, Spring I'm In, which will be released by Bleeding Gold Records on April 23rd. The first single from the album, “Dark Fruit” is a dark pop song. The haunting vocals recall post-punk bands of the '80s, while the sunny melody gives the song a lighter feeling.

You can listen to “Dark Fruit” and two remixes at Alligator Indians Bandcamp.

Below is a homemade trailer for Spring I'm In, which will be out on April 23rd.

Alligator Indian – SPRING I'M IN Trailer from Christian Church on Vimeo.

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