Andy Rooney hates Diarrhea Planet

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Oh, olds. Always doing predictable oldsy stuff that keeps us all refreshingly young. In one hilarious two-birds-one-stone situation, one notable grandpa or grandma proved that they were old beyond our wildest dreams by submitting to local Nashville newspaper, Belle Meade News, a tirade against the album cover and band name of TN staple, Diarrhea Planet. (It was, of course, submitted under the cover of anonymity.) The comment ended up printed in the “Ticked Off!” column of the paper, which—come on—, is called Ticked Off, and the only way it even got to us youngs is because someone posted it on the internet. Come on, gramps! Start trolling blog comments if you really wanna make a difference! The reader's comments in full:

I am ticked off at a certain 8th Avenue record store. I brought my grandson there to buy a record on Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they still even make real records like we had back in the day.

But the record he wanted, displayed prominently for all to see was by a local band called “Diarrhea Planet.”

The cover had a picture of a hand with a knife going through it. My grandson is 11 years old. I explained to him that both the cover and the name were disgusting, and I was having no part of it, and I told the clerk it was vile.

If we have to live on a “diarrhea planet” show me where to get off!

Well, we hate to say it, but the planet that is made of diarrhea has not just us youngs but several thousand other youngs on board too. This one's for you, buddy. Footage of the band playing “Separations” at Do512 in Austin: