AOL Music suddenly shuts down

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In today's Twitter-dominated world, there seems that (for better or for worse), music news spills down the grapevine in a fast, unofficial, and highly unpredictable way. This afternoon, the big storm that errupted on Twitter came from (@Spinner), with the news that AOL Music was shutting down the site. The official handle tweeted two tweets intially that have since been deleted claiming that AOL had suddenly decided to shutter the whole operation. Though the tweets were deleted, head editor of, Dan Reilly, has confirmed with a string of tweets that indeed this is really happening and communications with HR are going down over whether they can keep their computers running for at least a few more days.

It's a sad, sad time to be a journalist, and I don't think I even need to say that any Spinner employees looking for freelance work should contact us. There was some amazing content on Spinner for years, and it'll be a loss felt heavily. And the band played on.