Boston cops catfishing DIY venues, call shows “concerts”

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In this week's edition of “Boston Sucks,” we are confronted with another mismanaged move by the Boston Police Department, and since we're critiquing, the whole city of Boston. As Slate covers the story, the Boston PD has tried cracking down on unsanctioned house parties, shows, and general noise ordinance issues that could be sniffed out by a little “undercover detective work.” Unfortunately, the success of their police work depends entirely on how well they could pull off a scheme wherein a cop poses as a punk kid, which is like an elephant trying to pose as a mouse. The whole ruse was turned over because of lines like “I'm still pissing green beer” and in what we think might be a Weezer reference (super duper punk), the cop posing as “Joe Sly” laments, “Say it ain't so, tonight's show has been canceled?”

It's facking hilarious.

But, as usual, the best thing to come out of the unearthed ploy is a take on the scandal via the people, the proleteriat, the punks and their supporters. The tweets speak for themselves. Here are some of our favorites:

Let's all will a Departed 2: DIY into existence, please.