Captain Murphy, Duality EP

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Captain Murphy duality

Despite FlyLo’s insistence that Captain Murphy is a real person, the mysterious Brainfeeder artist sounds like it’s primarily a collaboration between Flying Lotus and a chopped, screwed and modulated Tyler, the Creator. We remain open to the idea of the possibility that there’s more to it than meets the ear, however. Since the Cap’n first landed this summer, the project has been reminiscent of ones such as Madvillain or Major Lazer, with each release geared towards propagating the image and nature of a villainous character.

On the debut Duality EP, the Captain champions spaced-out beats, vocals sounding like a cough syrup-induced nightmare with an astounding array of sound bytes spliced in. The clips mostly focus on cult propaganda but also include everything from a Homer Simpson “d’oh!”, direct lines from The Dark Knight with some love makin’ sounds tossed in for good measure.

The accompanying 35-minute video that has been released is a mind-fucking trip and very NSFW. The rapid cuts of the VHS-style video conjure images of Jim Jones, cult-centric footage and a plethora of random pop culture references instilling the idea that you’re helplessly being brainwashed into the world of Captain Murphy’s agenda…whatever that may be. The combined references, when put together, suggest the dualities of how we view characters like Batman and Jim Jones and how much more closely linked they are than we may typically consider.

Stop wasting time with non-believers and follow the link below for the Duality stream/video below Subsequent announcements on the formation of Captain Murphy’s Temple to come.

Captain Murphy, Duality EP