Be thankful you have us to spend Thanksgiving with

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Chris and Derek spent the “biggest party night of the year” hunkered down in the Newtown studios so you would have something to listen to while you watch football on mute. Now if only you could mute your family too. Am I right?

Impose on Newtown Radio, November 21, 2012 tracklist:

Hot Snakes, “LAX”
Peaking Lights, “My Heart Dubs 4 U”
Talking segue
Memory Tapes, “Displaced Mix”
Talking segue
The VSS, “Death Scene”
The VISS, “In Miniature”
The VSS, “Sibling Ascending”
Jessica Pratt, “Night Faces”
Sleeping Bag, “Women Of Your Life”
Talking segue
Blackbird, Blackbird, “It's A War”
Talking segue
Double Dagger, “Vivre Sans Temps Mort”
Big Ups, “Hard To Care”