Chad Valley unveils new alter ego, Turks & Caicos

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Chad Valley Turks & Caicos

Earlier this morning, the multi-continential-based label Cascine gave a shout out to Turks & Caicos, a new project helmed by Hugo Manuel, the man behind the Cascine-repped moniker, Chad Valley.

Manuel's newly debuted alter ego sounds like the musical manifestation of a sun-baked, salt-flecked daze after a long day on the beach with a little lubrication and a lot less hydration. It's blissfully lush and fleeting melodies roll in and out like a tide, with poppy synths layered in a swirl—sometimes floating weightlessly, like in “Milky,” or anchored by the 80s nostalgic R&B vocals and bass, like in “Missed Opportunity.”

Stream the dreamy and pulsing track “Nice 'n' Slow” below, and head to the Turks & Caicos SoundCloud to hear five more tracks.