CHLLNGR, “Well, Good”

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A month back we heard the dubbed out “Changes” from CHLLNGR, which reasurred us that the producer was keeping things on the mellow beat tip. In keeping true to the war on vowels and the mission to keep all things challenger-chill, the new single “Well, Good” from the upcoming EP Datter slowly warms well on the aspartame wave of music made in the key of solitude with a built-in audio track score. The Danish-Sacramento artist articulates this between the soft key swirls with the mantra, “Always longing for the silence, always wished of something less.” In short, nothing can ever be 'CHLL' enough for this producer.

Well, Good by Time No Place

The Ryan Todd video for “Change” continues the tradition of giving dub related tracks the Adult Swim treatment.

CHLLNGER's Datter drops February 6 on Time No Place.