Das Racist, “Michael Jackson”

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Das Racist's upcoming album is called Relax, but the first single “Michael Jackson” chops up Bollywood in the most chaotic of manners that it agitates the shit out of the nerves. We mean “agitate” in a complimentary way, like when you first watched the scene in Hustle & Flow where Terrence Howard conceives the lyrics to “Whoop That Trick” and you wanted to get buck.

Das Racist's “Michael Jackson” dances on the line of controversial through title and iTunes album art, as the song teases at two of America's most touchy of topics in the past decade. Of course, Das Racist is being vague on purpose. The song itself, merely states the King of Pop's name, then a denomination of currency and asks, “do you feel me?” Alas, we were unaware a question was being posed and are once again scratching our heads at Das Racist's humor.

Relax is out September 13 on Greedhead Music.