Death Grips announce two new records for 2012

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Death Grips, the trio of MC Ride, drummer Zach Hill, and beatmaker Flatlander, announced via a little Tweet that they were dropping not one, but two new records in 2012, the first set to arrive in April. Nothing else was said, so I can't tell you if they will be mixtapes or proper records that you can purchase, nor do I know if they are touring. What I can say, though, is when I saw them play the Market Hotel last July in 104° weather, the venue like an awful sauna, it was one of the most intense and vibrant shows I've ever seen in my life.

So I'm stoked. They also released this new single, which you can listen to below. In addition, the International Business Times (?) called the band part of a “vanguard of new protest artists”. Swell!