Bieber Side-Boob Hour vol. 2

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Bieber Side Boob

This week's Newtown Radio show was a bit of a cluster; terrential snowfall hampered the arrival of Derek's color comentary man. Instead of discussing how weird it was to have snow sandwiched inbetween two days in the 50s, we drank away our thoughts. See if you can hear the exact moment Derek blanked on having anything to say. That didn't stop us from playing some rad music though. Make sure to tune in every Wednesday from 6-8pm on Newtown Radio. Sixth caller gets a free Skrillex haircut!

Side-Boob note: Shout out to our sponsor; Gerber!

Impose Bieber Side-Boob Hour vol. 2

Choking Victim, “War Story”
Pop. 1280, “Bodies In The Dunes”
Beach Fossils, “Shallow”
Dead Gaze, “B. Emanuel Can't Come Close Enough”
Warpaint, “Undertow”
Heavy Hawaii, “Super Bowl XXIX”
Talking Segue
La Big Vic, “Mr. Broken Bird Dub”
CHLLNGR, “Change (Reprise)”
Mux Mool, “Palace Chalice”
Julia Holter, “In The Same Room”
Talking Segue
Country Teasers, “Please Ban Music”
Annihilation Timem “Just Guzzlin'”
Heidecker & Wood, “Right to the Minute”
Desert Sessions Vols. 9 & 10, “Subcutaneous Phat”
Talking Segue
Hank Williams, “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy”
Dinosaur Jr., “Start Choppin'”
Mas y Mas, “Pepsi”
13th Floor Elevators, “You're Gonna Miss Me”
Pink Floyd, “San Tropez”
Talking Segue
Gravys Drop, “Made To Love” (Everly Brothers cover)
Colleen Green, “Rabid Love”
Norse Horse, “Shooodkids”
Boogie Boarder, “Bio Hassle”
Talking Segue
Paula Abdul, “The Promise Of A New Day”
Diarrhea Planet, “Live at Shea Stadium”