Get Rich or Die Mayan to Benefit The Maze

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On the third Sunday of every month in 2012 Duncan Rich and Sam Hillmer, saxophonist for Zs/solo as Diamond Terrifier, are hosting a series of benefit concerts to support You Are Here, aka The Maze. The first concert happened in January, and the next on will take place on Febuary 19 at Pacs Gallery.

The Maze is an art installation project designed by Hillmer and his wife, the sculptor Laura Paris. In 2009, the Maze took over Death By Audio, where a month of concerts were curated to compliment a maze-like structure that was built inside the venue. You can watch the first part of a documentary about that installation here. The purpose of the project is to change the way concert-goers and musicians interact with each other, by obscuring spaces that are traditionally large and bare and forcing audience members and bands to alter the way they act at shows. The Maze will happen in July of this year at Secret Project Robot, in Brooklyn, as well as in Berlin in October. Both events will convienently conclude before the Mayan-prophesised end of the world, which as we all know is set for December 12, 2012.

For now, be sure to enjoy the monthly benefits to help raise the funds for this ongoing ambitious venture. Get Rich or Die Mayan pt. II will take place on Sunday February 19 at Pacs Gallery with preformances by Hubble, Diamond Terrifier, White Suns, DJ Marty McSorely, and projections by TROUBLE.

More info at the facebook event here.