Dirty Beaches, “Love is the Devil”

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Dirty Beaches

On May 21, expect a follow up to Dirty Beaches' exceptional LP, Badlands. Drifters/Love is the Devil, a double LP release through Zoo Music, contains 75 minutes of music split into 16 tracks. In wake of this promising news, Dirty Beaches chose to leak the title track off of the Love is the Devil side of the double LP.

“Love is the Devil” is a song of heartbreak and suffering. It features synths that are both, desolate and optimistic, at the same time. The track was released via Youtube on January 26, displaying a Bukowski line in the “about” section: “love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.” In addition, Dirty Beaches tweeted about the track: “This title track has blood and tears all over it and is the sound of my empty self. I need to share this before it becomes something else.”