God this new Kanye-produced Drake song sucks

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This song starts off with a great beat, but it takes about 40 seconds to rhyme “summer” with “remember.”

Drake recently told Entertainment Weekly that the song was a “huge risk” because of the emotional vulnerability of his lyrics, but he totally overlooked the risk involved when sounding like Lionel Richie circa 1993.

Besides, the R. Kelly R&B bent isn't a pastiche you can nab and use for one-off Kanye-produced tracks without looking like just another B.o.B. huckster shoving hip hop deep into the syrupy shaft of electrocrap and pandering to the worst FM prom song instincts. You're either the guy who's trapped in the closet or you're not, and last we checked, Drake was murdering it on his way to hip hop royalty. Is this really one of the stops on the ladder from rapper to pop star? Can't we just skip it and do another Grammy collab?

We were sort of excited about our generation's infusion of new eclectic blood into hip hop, but when we predicted Drake was the dude who'd show us a new way, we never expected just a new industry formula for the same tired routine.

Drake, “Find Your Love” (Prod. by Kanye West)