Ducktails “The Flower Lane”

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Ducktails, Real Estate-r Matt Mondanile’s side-project-come-full-band, released a new single, “The Flower Lane”, from the projects upcoming album of the same title. Ducktails here, and in all of his releases, has shown a trend towards exploration with a continual expansion of sound both in instrumentation and complexity without losing identity.

On “The Flower Lane” it results in a matured, confidant and structured sound that seems aware of Ducktails’ past incarnations. Ducktails still manages to occupy a space between an active listen and a relaxed, near funky, bedroom vibe, but “The Flower Lane” brings an energy unexplored in both Real Estate and Ducktails previous works. It’s refreshing considering that the relaxed vibe is so often a defining crutch and a stylistic trap for many middle-of-the-road, or one-off bands. Mondanile and friends keep making it work, and not for nothing, but they sound like really nice people, too.

The new LP, The Flower Lane, is due out January 29 on Domino Rcords.