Slim Twig anounces the forthcoming A Hound at the Hem LP

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Slim Twig

Canadian-American musican Slim Twig is an actor, artist and producer of wonder. No sooner had we been awaiting on the release of U.S. Girls' album GEM featuring production work from Twig than we heard word of of his forthcoming LP, Hound at the Hem. Following up Sof' Sike from earlier this year; Hem has been said to have borrowed its baroque from Jean-Claude Vannier's arrangements, Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson and the Nabakovian spun into the realm of sleaze guitars and the material that every rock opera made henceforth should either adhere to or in the least pay attention or proper homage. Opener “Heavy Splendour” is the hot bed of dark glam sunder compared to GEM's Chinn and Chapman approach to forging authentic glitter pop with U.S. girl Meg Remy. In Slim's own words:

“I consider this work – which fashions itself as the hard psych flipside to Sof' Sike – as my finest (and certainly densest) musical achievement to date. It features work from the very finest in the Toronto scene – (in the world truly, in my not so humble opinion) – including Louis Percival, Carl Didur, Tim Westberg, Meg Remy, Colin Fisher, & Tilman Lewis. It also features wonderful string arrangements by Owen Pallett, performed by the St. Kitts string quartet. I have a range of very intense memories from the work of this album, and truly the completion of it has changed me as a creative being.”

Slim Twig's new album A Hound at the Hem drops November 6 from Calico Corp and Pleasance Records.

Also catch Slim's production work on the upcoming U.S. Girls album GEM coming out October 23 on Fat Cat Records.