Former Ghosts' New Love

Chris Robbins

Former Ghost, via screenshot

In support of New Love's release on November 9, Former Ghosts is streaming the LP in it's entirety, as well as embarking on a fall tour of Europe with Xiu Xiu and Zola Jesus, culminating in three US dates.

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A second video of a single off the album, “Taurean Nature,” is available over at P4K, and it's a doozy. Originally envisioned (on press release paper) as a “Vegas-era Elvis spectacle,” complete with “four hundred extras: a 23-piece backing band with vintage instruments, a stadium-sized audience all done up in period haircuts,” our friend Freddy Ruppert put an end to such ocular decadence with the phrase “I'm just not feeling it dude” and instead created a homage to poor eating habits and self-loathing.

What remains is a dark companion to what Freddy calls “the ugliest song I've ever written.” Although you have to sympathize with the members of Period Hairdressers Local 284 who were laid off, it's little wonder the “Vegas Spectacle” is still only a glimmer in Ruppert's eye.

Former Ghost, New Love

Former Ghost 2010 World Tour


28 Thu, Dijon, France, Novosonic Festival (w/ Xiu Xiu)
29 Fri, Dublin, Ireland, Darklight Festival (w/ Xiu Xiu)
30 Sat, Bristol, United Kingdom, Arnolfini (w/ Xiu Xiu)
31 Sunday, Leeds, United Kingdom, Brundenell Social Club (w/ Xiu Xiu)


01 Mon, London, United Kingdom – XOYO (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
02 Tue, Kortrijk, Belgium, De Kreun (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
03 Wed, Groningen, Netherlands, Vera (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
04 Thu, Hamburg, Germany, Kampnagel (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
05 Fri, Malmo, Sweden, Debaser (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
06 Sat, Stockholm, Sweden, Fritz Corner at Debaser (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
07 Sun, Oslo, Norway, Cafe Mono (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
08 Mon, Copenhagen, Denmark, Huset i Magistraede (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
09 Tue, Berlin, Germany, Festsaal Kreuzberg (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
10 Wed, Prague, Czech Republic, Club Matrix (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
11 Thu, Muenchen, Germany, Rote Sonne (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
12 Fri, St. Gallen, Czech Republic, Palace (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
13 Sat, Vavey, Czech Republic, Rocking Chair (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
14 Sun, Schorndorf, Germany, Club Manufaktur (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
15 Sat, Milan, Italy, Tunnel (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
17 Mon, Lyon, France, Grrnd Zero (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
18 Tue, Paris, France, Fondation Center (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
19 Wed, Luxembourg, Exit07 (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
20 Thu, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paradiso (w/ Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus)
27 Thu, San Francisco, California, 120 Minutes at Milk Bar


02 Thu, Brooklyn, New York, Glasslands (w/ Sam Mickens)
03 Sun, Santa Ana, California, The Wreck Hall at Proof Bar

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