Helado Negro announces second album of 2013

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Helado Negro

Roberto Lange is a constant creator juggling mulitiple projects, like Helado Negro and Epstein, and attaching companion works to records that are nothing short of satisfactory by themselves.

Earlier this year we noted Invisible Life's ability to function as both a danceable record inspiring weightlessness and its aversion to vacuous EDM trappings in favor of emotionally developed worlds. Lange is taking Invisible Life a step further by following up Island Universe Story One with Story Two. With Story Two Lange's intent is not to recreate the success of Invisible Life's most rousing moments or cash-in on b-sides that did not fit in the LP's tracklisting. He's remained in the mindset, but finds himself linear adjacent to the watery ambience of the previous record's high tides. On “We Will You”, his alternate reality is a Mechanical Life, in which his ghostly vocals are subduing the robotic ruin of pulsating, and industrious rhythms.

Helado Negro's Island Universe Story Two is out August 27 digitally, while the cassette is out in September on Asthmatic Kitty.