Librarians are very, very chill and funny

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If you've spent your life in fear of librarians but in love with libraries, you realize that any opportunity for a librarian to “goof around” is a total farce. Librarians do not know what fun is. They only know fines and yelling and admonishment for yelps of joy at the latest installment in the Babysitters Club series. Hard as it may be for me to shake my fear of librarians—they'll try anything to convert an unbeliever—they might actually be succeeding with this weird Beastie Boys parody. “Sabotage” had one of the greatest music videos ever made, and the parody is pretty spot-on, though I will note that it still reminds me of the unforgiving fierceness of these book gatekeepers. They'll do anything to cop some nickels off of you.

It's good for a laugh and was made by Chicago comedians of The Mike and Duane Show. Get your giggles, then shrink away into your Kindle in response because there ain't no fees there. Or just watch the original below the remake.