Talking the NY mayoral debate and this weekend's Afropunk Fest

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With the NYC democratic mayoral debate behind us as of last night—a debate that came with a hearty rabblerouse for legal stoop drinking (here, here)—Impose's radio talk show on The Heritage Radio Network took some time to assess each candidate with City & State's Aaron Short. Prerecorded and dosed with speculation, the conversation between Short and your loyal hosts, Chris Robbins and Derek Evers, lays out for you who will be taking the spot of power in our fair city. Don't worry, it is presented as if you were a child.

Then, with the coming weekend comes a free, storied festival called Afropunk that has grown larger and larger since its inception eight years ago. The show hosts Jocelyn Cooper, one of the fest's key organizers, who talks about what to expect from the recently relocated weekend of music, dancing, and activities. You can stream the full tenth episode of Nothing Urgent here, then tune in weekly at 6:30pm to see what other subjects we attempt to tackle.