This Is Hardcore Fest lineup announced, featuring Gwar

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this is hardcore

As other news outlets belatedly announce the official lineup of Lollapalooza (where were you on Friday?), we bring you the first lineup reveal for the yearly This Is Hardcore fest. TIH, which takes place every year in Philadelphia, has announced that they'll be doing the show at the Electric Factory over the course of Aug 8–11 and the bands are pretty standard fare for all things hardcore. Mysteriously there will be a headlining set by Gwar, but besides getting to witness that nightmarish freak show, there'll be performances from Kid Dynamite, Panic, 7 Seconds, Trapped Under Ice, Boysetsfire, Tragedy, Ceremony, and more. The one surprising update cames from Modern Life Is War, who had announced in 2008 that they were no longer a band, and due to the untimely April Fools' Day shenanigans, there has been a lot of speculation if this is even real. But they assure you, it is.

You can get your tickets at this site here and pretend it's the early 2000s all over again.