Hundred Waters Release Tracks, Video, and More via BitTorrent Bundle

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We like Hundred Waters. On May 27 the Nicole Miglis-led Flordia band will release their latest album, The Moon Rang Like A Bell, on Skrillex's OWLSA imprint. But their etheral indie pop isn't exactly what you'd expect from a group associated with the EDM king; yes, Moon might be their most electronic release to date, but it's Miglis' heavenly fairytale voice that can Hundred Waters' music to the moon and back. In anticipation of the album release, the band has made six tracks, a behind-the-scenes video, and, naturally, some screensavers available via a BitTorrent Bundle. Don't know what a BitTorrent Bundle is? Neither do we, really, but if downloading it means we can cue up some soothing moon patterns (or whatever) when we need to step away from our laptops for a few minutes, we're willing to find out.