Images residency at Big Snow starts tonight

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Tonight and tomorrow night Brooklyn's own Images, and Last Night Records are hosting a two night residency at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Bushwick (one of our new favorite venues). The two nights of shows will feature Psychic Ills, Hume, Sore Eros, Alan Watts, Street Gnar and DJ's Andreas Knutsen (Other Music) and Elliptic. Images perform both nights, and the Friday show also functions as Psychic Ills' tour kickoff.

Street Gnar, playing tonight, have ingested more pop pills, but we loved their new record Study Wall: “There are combed-over waves of psychedelic fuzz, but underneath is a nasality that is almost Brit-pop.” Psychic Ills is a perennial favorite, and Alan Watts too. Sore Eros have more of a bedroom-pop thing going on. Their last tape was on Night People and there is flute on it! And then Images are doing that 2006 reverb psych thing, with tons of echo on the yelpy vocals and jangly guitar. Here's a selection of ways you can check it out.

Listen to Images via bandcamp.

Psychic Ills, “Mantis”

Hume Live

Alan Watts Live