James Blake shares Big Boi remix and track featuring RZA

Dayna Evans

james blake

When the news of a second James Blake record began to swirl, the thought alone was enough to keep us in anticipation until its April 9 release. Then Blake himself started to slowly leak each and every track, or close to it, to the point that we've now heard 6 out of 10 songs from the forthcoming Overgrown. Today, however, was by far our favorite treat as Blake posted on his Tumblr two tracks, the first being “Take a Fall For Me”, which features RZA, and the second being a remix of a 2007 Big Boi song, “Royal Flush.” And though the Big Boi remix is a delight reminiscent of Blake's CMYK EP, the real standout is the RZA track.

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As is standard for the young British crooner, the track is soulful, pained, and sensitive, and though it didn't seem possible, there is something about “Take a Fall For Me” that feels even more delicate than past offerings. The theme of the song is in a plea by RZA for a woman not to marry a certain man, and it's more tragic than if Blake were on the track alone. As a friend of mine noted to me astutely, “I never thought a RZA track would break my heart.” And there it is.

You can stream both of them on Blake's blog at these links:
“Take a Fall For Me (feat. RZA)”
“Every Day I Ran”

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