Flying Lotus shares song he wrote for Adventure Time

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Multi-personality, laptop musician, rapper, and DJ Flying Lotus announced today via Twitter that he had written a song for an episode of Cartoon Network's greatest cartoon (objectively speaking), Adventure Time. Cartoon Network and Flying Lotus have worked together several times before, as the musicman has provided a major amount of bumper music that's gone on the channel. In his tweet, Flying Lotus gave the link (below) to the SoundClound track, but also a Mediafire download of the episode.

The song, “About That Time/A Glitch is a Glitch”, is all computer, 8-bit joy, and one could perfectly imagine this song playing while Finn and Jake run through the Land of Ooo while hanging with Tree Trunks or rescuing Princess Bubblegum, only to save the day in the nick of time. Just watch the show, okay.