Jeremiah Jae signs to Warp & drops Bad Jokes mixtape

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Jeremiah Jae Bad Jokes

Jeremiah Jae has been intent on making 2013 his year. Hardly a month has passed without Jae gracing our homepage with a free mixtape, remix project or cassette. Since the Black Jungle Radio series, Jae has been building towards a big announcement that came today in the form of a signing to Warp.

Most might consider signing with Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder as making it. For Jeremiah Jae, further progress in joining artists like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Brian Eno on Warp could still not be his idea of the pinnacle.

In true Jae fashion, the announcement is complemented with more free jams. The Bad Jokes mixtape is 9-tracks of Jae's signature woozy-pastiche production, with minor assistance from Jonwayne, Flying Lotus, and Oliver the 2nd. While the tape is best heard – like most Jae things – in full, an early favorite is “Pervert” for Jae's extensive knowledge of Nickelodeon's Doug cartoon.

Bad Jokes tracklist:
01 Evil Laugh – prod. by Jeremiah Jae
02 King Raid – prod. by Jeremiah Jae
03 Seventy 8 – prod. by Jonwayne
04 Oatmeal Face – prod. by Flying Lotus
05 Soul Yoga (Indian Man) ft. Isreal – prod. by Oliver the 2nd
06 Pervert – prod. by Jeremiah Jae
07 Bad Jokes – prod. by Jeremiah Jae
08 Guns N Butter ft. Oliver the 2nd – prod. by Jeremiah Jae
09 Court Jester – prod. by Jeremiah Jae