Julian Lynch announces new LP on Underwater Peoples

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Julian Lynch

Listening to Julian Lynch is like falling asleep on a train bound for Morocco with Neil Young crooning through your blown earbuds. It's sunny, mellow and a little hazy. Keeping busy in 2009, Julian released a pair of 7-inch on Underwater Peoples a month before his debut LP on Olde English Spelling Bee. Another album later, he's back with Underwater Peoples releasing his third LP, Terra on April 26.

Terra finds Lynch expanding on his Americana fusion with eastern rhythm and beats. It may sound like a feat but Julian, currently enrolled in an ethnomusicology PhD program, manages to blend his learned influences into a warm soup that isn't too spicy or jammy. Just in time for summer, expect to hear this record during chill barbecues and drives to the lake.

Julian Lynch, “Terra”

Terra tracklist
01 Terra
02 Clay Horses
03 Fort Collins
04 Canopy
05 Water Wheel On
06 Ground
07 On Eastern Time
08 Water Wheel Two
09 Disappointment
10 Back