Kurt Vile Mural Defaced In Act of Misguided Vigilantism

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On Saturday morning, Philadelphia DJ Lee Mayjahs was caught whitewashing Steve “ESPO” Powers’ Fishtown mural for hometown hero Kurt Vile’s album Wakin on a Pretty Daze. Local reporter Leah Kauffman took it upon herself to discover Miyjah’s intentions. Unaware that Powers’ mural was beloved by the community, Miyjah “thought that mural there was the cause of more illegal graffiti.” The incident recalls the tagging of Daniel Johnston’s “Jeremiah the Innocent” aka the “Hi, How Are You?” frog, which addressed the sometimes fuzzy lines between street art/murals and graffiti.

Read the full interview here.

According to Vile’s Facebook, there are plans to redo and update the mural.

Watch the video of Kurt Vile’s Walkin on a Pretty Day which depicts the mural’s time-lapsed creation.