Labels raising money for Ferguson

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Driftwood Records

Earlier this week, two folks over at Driftwood Records named… wait for it… Andi and Dandy* (BOOM!), made a very heartening gesture on their Facebook page. They will donate all of the revenue from their digital downloads for the month of December to two Ferguson-area organizations: the St. Louis Area Food Bank, and the Ferguson Public Library. It read:

Hey everyone! I have some really exciting news. Dandy said that I (Andi) can take all of the money we get from bandcamp downloads this month and donate them to a charity of my choice. Since it’s something I’m pretty passionate about, I’m donating half to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, and the other half to the Ferguson Public Library.

But that’s not all! I went around asking a bunch of other labels asking if they’d be willing to do the same. So far, I have 12 labels all pledging to donate every cent they make from digital downloads this month.

Upon posting it, the list has grown from 12 labels donating to 29 and counting. Among those contributing include, Funeral Sounds, Sea of Tranquility, Drip Tapes and Near Mint Records. There is a page keeping track of the current list which you can view here. A list of the bands partaking can be seen here.

The post closes with a call to any band or label who would like to donate, to contact Andi on the list’s Facebook page. They will be tabulating the total donations at the end of this month/beginning of January.

*Dear Andi and Dandy, what you’re doing is a great thing, we just couldn’t help but take notice of your names. We hope you can forgive us.